Bun B x Drink Champs (Episode Recap)

In this episode of Drink Champs, Bun B discusses his venture into the culinary space with Trill Burgers, his successful transition from music to the food industry, and his passion for the business. MAKE SOME NOISE!! 🎉🎉🎉


  • 🍔 Bun B shares his journey from hip-hop to the food industry and the success of Trill Burgers.
  • 🎤 He talks about the influence of hip-hop culture and its evolution, as well as the impact on his business ventures.
  • 💼 Bun B discusses the expansion of Trill Burgers and the addition of Trill tenders to the menu.
  • 🐔 He shares his vision for continued growth in Texas and potential expansion to other cities in the future.
  • 🎶 Bun B reflects on the legacy of Pimp C, UGK, and the impact of their music on the hip-hop industry and culture.

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