The Marley Family’s Vision for Global Unity

Dive into how Rohan Marley and his siblings carry forward Bob Marley’s message of love, peace, and global unity through their various endeavors.


The Legacy of Bob Marley and His Global Impact on Music and Culture

Bob Marley, a name that echoes through the halls of music history, continues to inspire and unite people across the globe with his timeless music and message of love and unity. More than just a musician, Marley was a cultural icon who used his platform to spread messages of peace, fight against oppression, and encourage social change.


How Ludacris Hustled from Radio Intern to Rap Legend

Dive into the inspiring journey of Ludacris from a radio intern to a rap legend, exploring his strategic rise, challenges, and impact on the music industry.


The Rick James Effect On Grandmaster Flash’s Wealth and Legacy

In an industry where mentorship can be the key to unlocking the secrets of success. This is how Rick James’ guidance transformed Grandmaster Flash’s understanding of the music industry, monetization, and royalties.


Benny The Butcher, Everybody Can’t Go: Album Review

Dive into Benny the Butcher’s “Everybody Can’t Go” – a blend of sharp lyrics, top-notch production, and raw hip-hop essence.


AZ’s Breakthrough with “Sugar Hill”

Discover the unexpected story behind AZ’s hit song ‘Sugar Hill’ and why the artist initially resisted this iconic track.


Nas and AZ’s Epic Saga in Hip-Hop’s Golden Age

Uncover the story of Brooklyn bred rapper AZ and his pivotal collaborations with Queensbridge’s own Nas that molded the 90’s sound of Hip-Hop we know today.


AZ x Drink Champs (Episode Recap)

In this episode of Drink Champs, AZ talks about his journey in the music industry, from meeting Nas and being part of Illmatic, to his independent work and new album. MAKE SOME NOISE!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Bun B x Drink Champs (Episode Recap)

In this episode of Drink Champs, Bun B discusses his venture into the culinary space with Trill Burgers, his successful transition from music to the food industry, and his passion for the business. MAKE SOME NOISE!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Big L was Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Plug

Your favorite Drink Champs had a dope conversation with Wu-Tang clan’s very own Method Man. Back in the early days of the Wu, when the clan was finding its way through the music industry, Meth would have opportunities to connect with all sorts of rappers. Harlem juggernaut Big L was one of these rappers Method Man established a bond with. Meth told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on an episode of Drink Champs that the MC’s didn’t just collaborate on the music tip, but, Big L was Meth’s angel dust connect.

Hear all about this wild story and how Method Man worked his way into Hollywood on episode 383, click here.

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