The Drink Champs Family honors and respects our veterans who have bravely served and continue to serve our country, especially those we have lost. We want to take the time on this day of memorial to remember our fallen hip-hop soldiers with stories told by their peers who were closest to them. On this episode of Drink Champs you’ll hear stories about 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Prodigy, Prince, Big Pun, etc. Theses stories were told to us by past guests like Snoop Dogg, Uncle Luke, DMX, E-40 and more!


Also on this episode we’ll reflect back on the memories we shared with the late John Singleton and Combat Jack. On behalf of the Drink Champs Family we hope you enjoy this special episode. Drink Champs Army… grab a drink, take a shot (eye to eye), make some noiiiisssseeee and help celebrate Memorial Day with the DC Family! Let’s Go!!!


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