Episode 58 w/ Mike Epps #DrinkChamps

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys drink it up with comedy legend Mike Epps. The guys talk about Mike Epps beginnings, how he landed his role in the Friday films, the comedy industry, social media, drugs, and a lot more. This makes for a hilarious Drink Champs episode!


8 comments on “Episode 58 w/ Mike Epps #DrinkChamps

  1. H3RMSK33 says:

    Official every Friday look forward to another episode.. been a fan since I was on the run eating.. NYC!!!!!

  2. Shamar Simmons says:

    One of the best episodes to date

  3. 98Gabriele says:

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  4. Koo says:

    no video?

  5. dotty says:

    Post the footage bruh

  6. Donny says:

    Y’all crazy!!! Best Show Ever!!!!

  7. Eric Regnum Monetae says:

    CBS has made a great investment along with Puff and them… I trluly hope you all win financially, it’s well deserved.

  8. Eric Regnum Monetae says:

    To That Mr Trump guy… Relaaxxxxx.

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