Episode 60 w/ Swizz Beatz (Part 2) #DrinkChamps

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys drink it up with super producer Swizz Beatz. In this two part episode the guys talk about DMX, Ruff Ryers, art, his involvement with Bacardi, how his career got started and a lot more! For part two audio go HERE or watch the full video below. Full video below.


3 comments on “Episode 60 w/ Swizz Beatz (Part 2) #DrinkChamps

  1. Monto Carlos says:

    Great job guys, keep it up!! Loving the podcasts, one of the best. Its great to hear from all these artists raw, especially some of the older artists, the legends!! Yall need to get Redman or AZ or Drag-on, on here soon.
    1 love, wish yall all the best, no body could have done this and hosted this better then NORE and EFN!!

  2. Cant wait ta see AZ on there!

  3. great show! Been rocking since the fat joe episode!

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