Episode 63 w/ Stevie J #DrinkChamps

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode the guys sit down with legendary producer and Love & hip hop star Stevie J. They talk Bad Boy Records, the Hitmen, Biggie, and everything Love & hip hop.



5 comments on “Episode 63 w/ Stevie J #DrinkChamps

  1. Felixavier says:

    Big fan of the show and also a n.o.r.e fan hip Hop lives on B I’m from East new York Brooklyn thank you for the show and real interviews

  2. Antray lee says:

    Nice t come to Tampa and do your show

  3. Antray lee says:

    Nice show come to Tampa and do your show !

  4. Brian Coman says:

    100MILLION RECORDS SOLD! Legendary. I’m ashamed to say, I’m 24 & I had no clue how Stevie Came up in the game. That’s why this is needed. For the culture. I love it! Prayers to TWIN. We still goin raw and praying hard. Now we praying HARDER. Peace.

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