Episode 207 w/ Math Hoffa #DRINKCHAMPS

April 15, 2020

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. On today’s episode we chop it up with battle rap legend Math Hoffa! Host of the podcast My Expert Opinion, Hoffa and The Champs don’t hold back as the trio bless the podcast mics!

Hoffa shares with us what it takes to be a Battle Rapper, as he shares war stories of his iconic battles between Daylyt, Dizaster and Serius Jones to name a few. Math shares his journey as a battle rapper and how he’s transitioned to becoming a podcaster.

In this episode the guys talk about topics such as the JAY Z & Nas battle, classic hip hop albums, what separates legendary rappers from trendy rappers, unreleased Foxy Brown verses for C-N-N’s “Bang Bang” and Drake being a huge battle rap fan.

Math also breaks down how he’d like to improve the business of battle rap, by providing artists publishing and royalties for their battles, medical insurance and more.

Lots of gems and insight on the battle rap scene in this episode. Don’t sleep!



DrainFlix blesses our hungover souls once again with some dope photos from the Math Hoffa episode!

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