N.O.R.E. | HOT 97 Interviews (Ebro In The Morning & Nessa On Air) | WATCH NOW

It was N.O.R.E. in the morning! All good vibes when the rapper stopped by and told stories about Biggie trying to sign Capone and not help, how cool it would be if Hip Hop controlled all of media, how he switches up his set depending on the style of the crowd, working with Pharrell for his latest album and much more.

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GENIUS | N.O.R.E. “Uno Más” Official Lyrics & Meaning – Verified | WATCH NOW

After working together for years on songs like “Superthug,” “Nothin’,” and “Finito,” N.O.R.E. and Pharrell Williams reunited in August for “Uno Más.” Their latest collaboration is produced by Pharrell, and features both artists spitting about a night of drinking and cavorting with the ladies.

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